2017 Iowa State Leadership Conference:

Refine Your Finer: Building Upon Iowa's Legacy 

It is that time of year again; the time where we get to develop our sisterhood, progress our great state, and build up our undergrads in efforts to propel Iowa upward and onward. This conference is focusing in part on our undergraduates, as they are the lifeline that keeps Zeta's heart pumping! I am excited for the awesome Undergraduate Retreat myself and Soror Mays has planned as we welcome our newest undergraduate chapter to our great state, Zeta Phi at Coe College. A workable goal I have for the 2017-2018 Sorority year, is to build up our youth auxiliaries and our Amicae. With that in mind we will be holding as strategic "think tank" session to strategize ways we can be a better service to our various communities through the use of our youth and our Amicae.

Continue to check back here from time to time for updates regarding the conference from the host chapter basileus, Soror Toni Thomas! Look below for a tentative schedule for our leadership conference October 20-22nd. 


Soror Barbara Okeke, Iowa State Director  




Oct. 20-Oct. 22nd

Things To Expect in Davenport:  




Undergraduate Retreat Executive Board Meeting, MIP Training, Youth Advisor Training, Undergraduate Advisor Training, Awards Luncheon, Business Sessions, Think Tanks, and more....